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Last updated: 18-11-2020


Filippos Koravos, Anna Tzuvara, Yanna Avrami, Vasso Panagopoulou, Giota Karatsompani, Vasso Zografaki, Giorgos Malakoudis, Ntina Vernadaki, Dimitris Kourmpetis

The 2nd upper secondary school of Nea Moudania, in the homonymous city of Chalkidiki, a district to the north of Greece, is located right on the Aegean shore, at the outskirts of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece.

Our school is a general education secondary school with 39 staff and almost 450 students, which is an extended size for Greek standards. In our school, students complete basic education and prepare for University. As the only upper secondary school in the surrounding area, many of our students come from nearby settlements. The age range of our students is between 15 and 18 years old. We share the same yard with a lower secondary school, as well as part of the facilities, like the gymnastics hall.

During the last 30 years, both the Greek state and Greek society as a whole have undergone a transformation and those changes are reflected in our school. The last few years in particular, recession has hit our country hard and we have seen a dramatic rise in unemployment figures. Nea Moudania, due to its location, offers better prospects in the labor market, especially in the tourism sector.

As a result, many Greeks as well as foreigners, have recently migrated to our city. As a consequence, our student background is varied. The majority are of low
and middle socioeconomic status, and therefore deprived from becoming better acquainted with other cultures and getting to know them in their natural and social environment. Moreover, our school has several students of foreign descent, most of them from migrant worker families, who form part of a small multicultural society.

Our group of teachers form a young team of enthusiastic and committed people from all disciplines, who try to do their best and give their all in a difficult situation such as ours, when all one hears is about economic and social crisis and spending cuts. Therefore, our aim is to create a friendly environment, provide the same range of opportunities for our students and giving them the chance of better understanding one another as well as other foreign cultures. We believe that an Erasmus+ project would take us a long way towards reaching that goal. It will be a unique experience for our students to broaden their minds and horizons. The students could learn what it really means to be part of a multicultural society as well as how important it is to be a true citizen of Europe.