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Teams - IISS Alpi-Montale

Last updated: 28-10-2020


Gaudio Rosanna (the “heart” of Italian team), Donata Pirulli, Angela Centrone, Domenica Cardascia, Rosa De Giulio, Luigi Corinna, Pompea Gioffredi, Maria Pia Settanni

The I.I.S.S. “Alpi –Montale “ is a high secondary State school born from the fusion of 2 schools:

  1. “ALPI”: a Scientific/Linguistic/Human Science high school with 650 students aged 14-19 years
  2. ”Montale”: a technical school with 450 students aged 14- 19 years.

It is divided in 2 sectors:

A) an Economical one: Administrative-Finance-Marketing (AFM). Marketing, Start-up, Business Planning are the main goals of this sector. Among the main subjects our students study English, French, ICT, Law, Business

B) a Graphic one: Graphic and Communication. 3D Photo/video, Web design, Packaging, Web creativity are the main goals of this sector. English, ICT, Web design, graphics, Law, Multimedia planning are among the main subjects

As the school is so big with more than 120 teachers , all public employees, we realize a lot of projects: The Alpi is realizing its first Erasmus + (K219) project called “With Teen Eyes” with other 5 countries (Spain, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany and Sweden) As our Headmaster strongly promotes the internationalization, the whole school is engaged with various types of international projects : from the basic eTwinning, to school/class exchanges. We are also involved with a French School realizing an exchange of 2 students who have been studying for 2 months in France/Italy. We also realize Stages abroad for our students to obtain the linguistic certifications (according to the CEFR) Each year one or two students take part in an Intercultural program and stay from 6 to 12 months abroad, studying and staying abroad.

We also have students from Intercultura in our school The Liceo “Alpi” has been promoting for a long time the CLIL methodology, having also CLIL traininig teachers In the past years we also took part in a Comenius called "Maths is everywhere” (Turkey, Poland, Romania, Lithuania) To empower our students’ scientific and linguistic competences we take part in projects like : “ Global Citizen” and “EduCHANGE” and “Global Teaching Lab” with the MIT of Boston. Our school is also involved in a Unesco project and is labelled as “Unesco School”

The Italian Education Board is promoting the “Job/School Experience” to reach the so called “soft skills”, so all the Italian students, starting from their 3rd school year (16 – 19 years) must experience this kind of “Job experience, for an amount of 200 h in 3 years (for the high school), 400 h in 3 years (for the technical/vocational schools)

The  Montale , the technical school, has a very long experience in this field for well experienced teachers (lead by Mrs Mary Troiano who teaches business) have been working in this field for many years, having strong contacts with local factories, firms but also Universities where our students go and make their job experience. We are also engaged in several “ simulations of real-life enterprises” whose purpose is to enhance students entrepreneurship skills and attitude and increase their creativity but also entreprenurial skills.