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Last updated: 29-09-2019

FLG Planegg

Achim Ackermann-Markes, Angelika Lawo, Julia Hense


The Feodor-Lynen-Gymnasium with approx. 800 pupils and 90 teachers leads the scientifictechnological (NTG) and the economic branch (WSG-W) and is listed as a reference school of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). We attach great importance to the promotion of native and foreign language competence and maintain an exchange programme with the USA, France, Great Britain and Paraguay. In addition to the cognitive content, contemporary value education and socially effective schooling are equally important.

For several years now, the school has been living the international exchange via the programs Comenius and Erasmus+ (led by Johannes Traut) and has been awarded for it and is also involved in social activities in Germany (e. g. charity run, etc.) and measures of political education (e. g. Würmtaler Gedenkmarsch, AG Politik und Zeitgeschichte, etc.).

After the initiator Mr. Traut retired in 2017, Mr. Ackermann-Markes (member of the schoolboard/budget), Mrs. Angelika Lawo (research project coordinator), Mrs. Julia Hense (contact partner schools) and Mr. Mosbauer (member of the project Team) will continue the Erasmus project at our school with his Support, as Mr. Traut continues to support us. If these people leave the school, other teachers and members of the school management will take over their tasks.